Declassified updated BMW 3 SERIES

Declassified updated BMW 3 SERIES

Debut of restyled sedan BMW 3 Series is officially scheduled for this week, but the photos and some technical details about the new product has already leaked into the global network. 

Judging from published photographs, changes in the appearance of a sedan will be minimal. Well marked only slightly modified bumper and head optics with extended, apparently, the number of LEDs and taillights.

The main change in the interior BMW 3 has become a new air conditioner control unit.

On the technical side, then there is a major innovation should be the emergence of a new modification index 340i, which will replace the popular 335i and will probably top-end version of the sedan among the standard. It turned out, however, the same in-line six-cylinder turbocharged engine, but the engine power will be increased from 306 to 326 hp

Further details will obviously only after the official debut of new items that will be held in Munich from day to day.