Primary symptoms. Test drive Skoda Superb

Hatchback Business Class. It does not sound. But the Czechs seem to care. Superb – not one of those machines that are called global and carefully match the expectations of a wide audience. Representatives of Skoda even stopped to fight with constant nods to kindred Volkswagen Passat. Yes, they say, Volkswagen – is everything to us, and we are pleased to work with the best. Or are you waiting for someone from a purely patriotic reasons rush to do their own car? No, the modern auto industry long ago no longer works.
The fact that the basis of the machine is put MQB platform even inspiring. This means that everything is thought out, high quality and technically perfect. And with self-identification at the Superb had no problems ever. Hatchback business class – the phenomenon is certainly unusual, but almost everyone knows exactly what kind of car in question.
Primary symptoms. Test drive Skoda Superb

This type of body Superb came in an evolutionary way. Sedan was only the first sample Superb 2001, too, by the way, was built on the basis of the then VW Passat. The car with an unusually large wheelbase prepared for specific Chinese market, but dare to offer and in Europe, where the concept although not shot, but was adopted. The model of the second generation and has a sedan and hatchback at the same time offering consumers a cunning mechanism that allows you to open the trunk lid both separately and together with the rear window. Trick out quite spectacular, but the mechanism has proved complicated, expensive and not very fit. And besides, fettered hands of designers – the previous Superb food came out very compromised, and the car seemed to be disproportionate. Not now.

Outside flagship third-generation Czechs lighted a year ago as a prototype Skoda Vision C, but the production version received a completely three-volume classic proportions of the body. Without a hint of the fifth door, which at Superb masked better than the Octavia and Rapid. The chief designer Jozef Kaban brand created in strict proportion to the image with amazing purity of the lines, which does not seem quite boring. The body and the track became wider, making the car looks squat and do not seem overly overall. Although less while not.
Primary symptoms. Test drive Skoda Superb

It is hard to imagine what else can compare space in the cabin Superb. The wheelbase has grown by 8 cm, but the feeling that they are further pushed back the passenger does not arise. Beauty little recomposed, giving extra trunk and making wider rear doors. The shoulder was definitely more spacious and legs crossed while sitting behind the driver of average height, it was possible before. In richer trim on the side of the right front seat adjustment buttons mounted to the rear passenger to organize themselves even more space – a clear indication of the riders who are more important. At the rear passengers now have climate control and private, and to control the onboard media system. However, it is organized outside the box – the passenger can be connected to the system, a tablet or smartphone, and from him to intervene in the settings or select a radio station. In such a case the Czechs provided special brackets for the gadgets that are installed on the center armrest or on the front headrests.
Primary symptoms. Test drive Skoda Superb

And these charming umbrellas at the door? They are now two, and hide them in the end not the back and front doors – it is assumed that the passenger rear seat has come out cover against rain. All of this – of the traditional set of details that shape a firm concept of Simply Clever. In the trunk was found carrying a flashlight with a magnet on the fuel tank filler flap – ice scraper in the box between the seats – a pocket for a tablet. A removable luggage compartment blind when transporting high luggage (it’s a hatchback, remember?) And a brilliant fit for runners behind the back of back of the sofa. Himself compartment accommodates 625 liters of the good and the whole 1760 liters when the rear seats folded, and in the list of options, there is also a half-transformer, which is in the upper position is organizing a flat area on the edge of the bumper to the plane of the folded rear seat backs. A compartment opens stroke foot under the rear bumper – not new, but very suitable hatchback with its massive rear door solution.

With the same thoroughness traced and made the whole interior. Laconic interior is very similar to volksvagen – just mentally replace lining the front and logo on the steering wheel, but there is also a highlight here: LED lighting on the perimeter, the color of which can be selected. It is a pity that the flagship not got dashboard display that would fit perfectly into the style. However, and analog dials are made with taste, and you can admire the graphics on the screen onboard media system. Entertainment here in abundance.
Primary symptoms. Test drive Skoda Superb

It is understood that the car on the MQB platform can not be a weakling. But for the Superb with its clear focus towards the rear passengers have to come up with something more comfortable. For example, an adaptive suspension, which was a hatchback as an option. The choice – five modes from Eco, in which even the air conditioner is trying once again not included, heating up to the clamped Sport shock absorbers, elastic wheel and very sharp reaction on the accelerator. To narrow serpentine southern Europe, which bends in a long Superb not fit easily in size, the most it. This constant whine of the engine at low gears slightly lacking, but in such a case there is a regime of individual settings for each host machine, including air conditioning.

In the sport mode, Superb is shaking, and that’s fine. News was not as easy as a compact Octavia, but with the feeling of the machine is no problem, and obedience and the reaction rate is not even surprising, and are perceived as self-evident. By incorporating an ideologically opposite Comfort, in handling almost lost, although the sensitivity of the machine is clearly dulled, and becomes quieter in the cabin, the benefit goes to the top box transmission and chassis stops just repeat in detail the profile of the road. So much calmer, although the ship’s smooth Japanese sedans Superb does not hold at all. With this set of frisky powertrains it for the better.


Formally, the engine range starts with the modest 125-horsepower engine 1,4 TSI paired with a manual transmission, but in Russia the input is likely to be 150-horsepower version of the same unit with the gearbox DSG. Superb rides a gradually but surely. The main thing is not to drive the tachometer low or high – pulls malokubaturny motor without enthusiasm, turns carefully but without procrastination. Classic 1,8 TSI 180 hp – Is another matter: spirited, mischievous, with good pickup in the area of high speed. Paired with DSG – the obvious leader of sales.

Still Superb with his fervent chassis worthy of the motor more powerful. The two-liter TSI is supplied in two versions, and even the youngest 220-strong version is a lot of emotion. Impressive even dispersal to the limit, and dashing, whistling turbine, after a light pickup hitch, required to replace the box DSG transmission. Or is not required if the chassis advance was transferred to the sports mode. Climb even higher in the configurator makes sense only for ideological reasons, though the rating plate on the stern V6 will be gone. The ideological heir of the former Superb V6 hatchback seen with 280-strong 2,0 TSI, but there is already an old man wants to say, “It’s not that.” Former aspirated 3,6 FSI even though he was 20 hp weaker, but at the same time and drove powerfully and solidly filling the neighborhood noble roar. The current top version certainly faster and sharper (overtaking want to make at least for this uncompromising pick from any rpm), but does not leave aftertaste. And if so, why pay crazy taxes and pay extra for a compulsory four-wheel drive? Although it is just one would leave, but the options, alas, a little bit.


Apart from the top version with all-wheel drive will be offered 150-strong Superb 1,4 TSI, but only in the version with the INC, as well as two diesel versions. Latest for our market is hardly relevant – not a modest 120-hp 1.6-liter or two-liter engine upgraded with 150 and 190 hp demand will not. Yes, and in Europe they seem to fade into the background. The reason for this coming September with Euro-6 from which the Czechs are not enthusiastic. Mandatory urea injection system, even for Europeans becomes unnecessary headache. In this embodiment, they are not going to take us exactly and regret it is not necessary: a 150-horsepower diesel engine driven without enthusiasm, but also to the MCP requires accuracy in the choice of transmission. Although the precise mechanics of the Short-driven complaints.

Superb knows his stuff tight and unnecessary part of the driver him to anything. DSG copes well with any of the engines, and the human factor insures electronics. The machine can do a lot myself, and no backlog of related Passat in this respect it does not have. For example, the system Lane Assist Lane Keeping not only monitors the markup, but can she keep the machine in the series, only reminding the driver steering wheel vibrations, so as not to be distracted. Just throw the steering wheel car, of course, will not allow (the driver should release the steering wheel, the system shuts down), but it is impressive to roll on the road, looking at the landscape, will allow full.


With a full range of electronics insuring Superb allows even relax in traffic, relying on cruise control. The system supports delicately safe distance yourself stopping and touching the vehicle from the scene. And she knows how to brake when leaving the parking lot in reverse, if the sonar to see bumper traveling by car. Another electronics recognize signs and warns of the possibility of a collision. In general, little or no restrictions on the part of the intra-subordination.

Superb Sales will begin in the middle of the year, while the flagship of Russia gets in the fall. Prices promise at the previous model, but, of course, adjusted for changes in exchange rate. On the localization of speech does not go – the Russian market, though the brand is the third after the Chinese and German, but more sales in Russia Superb Czechs do not expect. This machine we made love virtually, giving money to the dealer Toyota or Nissan. Price offer Japanese Czechs not to kill, and to organize an assembly in Russia because of a few thousand cars it makes no sense.


Another thing is that the current Superb, shrug their way all the symptoms of the secondary, it can make strong competition to the Volkswagen Passat. A common platform is to play into the hands of the Czechs, because Superb can be submitted as a more affordable and original car. And further – more: the next will be touring, but for sure it will be released version Scout with high ground clearance and protective bodywork. Versatile business-class terrain seems even more strange phenomenon, but the Czechs, fortunately, still.