Test drive Cadillac ATS-V. Good reasons to choose the “American”

Test drive Cadillac ATS-V. Good reasons to choose the "American"

If you are enthusiastic about the fast sedans and coupes, you probably know that for a long time, the palm in this competition full segment belonged to the Germans. For years, the triumvirate Audi RS / BMW M / Mercedes-AMG reigns among the powerful premium cars. But in 2004, when the market appeared the first series Cadillac V, there was something funny. Since the CTS-V was very powerful, the German tuning studio stopped being perceived as the Cadillac car for pensioners and seriously thought about another imminent threat, in this case – the inevitable appearance of at least a strong kid Cadillac ATS.

Standard ATS could not compete with the German cars triad (GM plant in Michigan even suspended its work in 2014 for three weeks because of the overflow of warehouses of finished products), but updated and richly flavored Cadillac ATS-V can more adequately oppose the Teutons .

The expressive design of ATS-V and bifurcated exhaust pipes are admirable, but defiant body hints at the outstanding speed characteristics. In front this car is tvinturbovy 3.6-liter V6 with modified stuffing, including intercooler, titanium connecting rods and turbine titanium-aluminide. The new engine develops 464 hp and 603 Nm of torque, which is 262 hp and 234 Nm is greater than the basic four-unit ATS. This power is beyond the capabilities of BMW M3 / M4 (425 hp, 550 Nm) and the Audi RS5 (450 hp, 430 Nm) and only slightly inferior to Mercedes-AMG C63 V8 (476 hp, 650 Nm) and largely – versions C63 S (503 hp, 700 Nm).

Test drive Cadillac ATS-V. Good reasons to choose the "American"

The body of the new model have increased by several structural elements, especially he wins from the panel, stiffening the front part of it. The extra weight of the new structural elements partly offset by the use of lightweight materials, such as extruded aluminum. Cadillac argue that ATS intended to make the fastest car in the segment represented by (the official time of acceleration from zero to 60 miles / h here varies from 3.8 to 3.9 seconds, is the result of BMW M4 and Mercedes-AMG C63 S), but This group of developers said that priorities have been not only the speed but also such subjective factors as the entry speed into the rotation and steering responsiveness. Thus, alignment adjustment levers ball bearings replaced, returned to the corresponding mounting and update the magnetic damping system ensures greater responsiveness. Six bushings in the suspension system replaced the more rigid counterparts, and ten – completely redesigned, well, traction control Performance Traction Management, to tame monsters like Corvette Z06 and a Camaro ZL1, helps to cope with the powerful ATS-V.
At a speed of 240 km / h option package of carbon fiber, including a more aggressive splitter, bumper pads Gurney, the larger the size of the rear spoiler and splitter adds 4.5 kg of lift at the front and 22.5 kg of downforce rear that up giving 18 kg of pure downforce. Track package adds the device to record data on the lap on the track, a lighter battery and “removes” mats, tire inflation kit, tow hook and hatch.

Test drive Cadillac ATS-V. Good reasons to choose the "American"

Replacing the hydraulic power steering and suspension passive electronic amplifier and suspension system Magneride third generation Cadillac made the car more controllable at full capacity, while expanding these boundaries. Thousands of hours have been spent on the processing of data from the wind tunnel, to calculate the optimum streamlining of the car and as efficiently as possible to distribute the lift and downforce. “Every detail of the overheated liquid or may put an end to the work done, – said the chief engineer of Cadillac Tony Roma’s. – The idea is to control the disaster keep all temperatures are on the verge (to obtain an optimum combination of lift and drag). ” Enhanced six-piston front and four-rear calipers Brembo brand guarantee excellent braking.

With regard to the transmission in Cadillac chose optional eight-“machine” with convector torque, giving up a dual-clutch transmission, which is much more difficult and potentially less cost-effective. “Units with double clutch are also very expensive, especially if you have incorporated into their model line,” – says Roma, although it is recognized that the smoothness and rapidity of the work of the last two-disk transmission Rorsche 911 GT3 for the first time made him change his mind. This eight-“machine” have much in common with the box 6L80, which can be found in the Z06 and which is able to “digest” to 880 Nm of torque. For the basic mechanical transmission system is provided launch control, active engine speed matching system and boxes, as well as the opportunity to shift gears when the accelerator pedal depressed (to avoid turboyamy).

In comparison with European competitors Salon Cadillac ATS-V is still very American, typically angular and modern. Brand new seats Recaro, trimmed at the edges microfiber, were made specifically for this model. They are narrow and angular, and should not be confused with seating Audi RS, BMW M or Mercedes-AMG.

Our first test drive Cadillac ATS-V starts in the center of Austin, where we go to the track Circuit of the Americas. This is a rather unusual route, which is not able to unlock the potential of this car, especially when you consider that we have chosen the standard driving mode. In general, the ATS-V is great for the real world, confirming the representative of Cadillac, David Caldwell, who describes the ATS-V as “a luxury, available on the track,” which looks like a “scalpel”, as opposed to heavy duty CTS-V, which is preparing for exit and will, in fact, a four Corvette Z06, are associated with the “hammer”, the most aggressive and lightning.

On accelerating straight track Circuit of the America, leading directly to the intimidating steep left turn, launch control system ATS-V just shoots it forward. Despite the fact that usually when you start you do not feel sensations as if you shot a gun, because of the rather long passes and gradually increasing traction this eight-automatic transmission behaves amazing: a clear and fast switching up and agreed – down. Reaching optimum capacity, ATS-V accelerates juicy and tasteful, but even more impressive is the way he stops. Large Brembo six-piston capable of absorbing speed almost instantly. Having tried a couple of powerful brakes in the first laps and felt their performance, we have gradually increased the speed and eventually just pressed the gas pedal hard. At the finish line we will accelerate to 233 km / h, feeling the full potential of the 464-strong engine and fully trusting the effectiveness of the brakes.

Test drive Cadillac ATS-V. Good reasons to choose the "American"

On the track, Manual provides a lot of thrills and requires some effort from drivers not accustomed to newfangled electronics. Function switching speeds without pressing the accelerator pedal allows you to maintain operating speed between gear changes, and any driver who often take our foot off the pedal at this point podzavisaet. But it is necessary only once to steel himself and do it, and as a reward you get a smooth output current, will reduce the time range of the company’s test track Milford Proving Ground, according to engineers GM, 1.5 seconds. Another argument in favor of the manual is a matching system of revolutions during switching down, which works perfectly well and that can be easily unplugged.

“We do not aim to surpass BMW», – said the chief engineer Tony Roma’s, and the fact that most new models M3 and M4 have a huge capacity, which they can not properly transmitted to the wheels, as it was before, favors Cadillac, since the competition took just such a focus. Despite the fact that the ATS-V is much more responsive steering wheel than is normally expected to meet in Cadillac, reference responsive steering and a subtle sense of the legendary road cars BMW M series are still untouchable. Although this electronic device works surprisingly well, still feels there is some artificiality. However, ATS-V turns well, readily responds to driving traffic, although it felt a certain heaviness total car if just to put pressure on the gas. After a couple of laps around the track begin to feel how smoothly working suspension system, partly through the use of lightweight materials that reduce nepodressornyh masses, and partly – the ability of the adaptive suspension to be soft when needed.

This V6 offers perhaps more pleasant dynamics than a straight-line machine BMW, but both motors fade against the background of the engine Mercedes-Benz V8, installed in the S63 model, which can be considered the winner in this battle of power and characters. As for sound, the Cadillac used stereo to suppress noise and enhance the sound of the engine. “We do not change the sound of the engine – insists Roma – we would rather strengthen the notes that you like.” Operating procedure of cylinders V6 produces VF-thirds, and the system is designed to suppress the unpleasant sound that the engine produces at low revs. After the revolutions of 3000, the system begins to add audio components. Philosophical debates around the system noise never fade away, which leads to the logical question: If using the system Cadillac sounds nice, we want to hear less expensive and sweet “voice” without it?
Cadillac ATS-V produces more than philosophical discussions than any car in a line of V, in particular because of its cost. If the representatives of the old V-series stand out from the competition daring proposal, the ATS-V raises some doubts, if you go through the list of available options (this is the harsh reality and the possibility of serious oust competitors from Europe, and especially BMW). If you look at the basic cost of a sedan ($ 61,460) and coupe ($ 63,660), the Cadillac is not far from BMW, with its $ 62,950 and $ 65,150 respectively for the sedan and coupe. But exactly as long until you start to compare the packaging: BMW base not equipped with keyless entry system, parking assistance, reversing camera, satellite radio and an active suspension system. If the basic price of Mercedes-AMG C63 ($ 63,900), it seems more reasonable, then starting market – this is a different level ($ 71,900). In this light, ATS-V looks more economical proposal.

The way the ATS-V held against the backdrop of its German competitors, can not fail to impress. Sure, you may accents and otherwise draw attention to the fact that there is no V6 Cadillac charm high-torque V8 Mercedes-AMG C63, or that his suspension is not so finely balanced, like BMW, – and miss the point. Cadillac has entered the market with a very strong proposal, ATS-V is able to seriously compete with rivals in the class, where he was never taken seriously. Some drivers will prefer the traditional “German” – and their motivation is very clear and true – but now is the time to think seriously about how to select the “American”.