Audi has officially unveiled a family of A4 (sedan and wagon) of the new generation

The novelty was noticeably lighter than its predecessor, depending on the modification of the model weight decreased by 120 kg. Sales of the model, which as before will be offered with front-wheel or all-wheel drive will begin in Germany in the autumn – after the public display models at the Motor Show in Frankfurt in September, said.

Weight decreased in several elements of the model. For example, the body was on the 15 kilograms lighter than before, the wiring and the battery – six kilograms, armchairs – nine kilograms, transmission – 16 kgs, the differential – per kilogram, electromechanical power steering – three and a half kilos and brakes – five kilograms.

In the next-generation Audi A4 front and five-link rear suspension set new, upper arms which are connected to the body parts to ensure optimum rigidity (first was on a double-wishbone front and mnogoryichazhka rear). All levers and wheel bearings are made of aluminum. Plus, the model has monotube dampers and stabilizers are thin-walled high-strength.
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