The Lotus promised to do better crossover Porsche Macan

The first ever crossover Lotus, of a possible launch that we have wrote , should be better for fresh Porshce Macan – is immodest statement recently made CEO of the brand, Jean-Marc Jale, talked during the Goodwood Festival speed with our colleagues from Auto Express.

In an interview criticized many Jale the company’s large and heavy SUV, adding that the cross “Lotus” most certainly will be easy and fast. He also said that one of the direct rivals trends he sees it Macan, but Lotus “will definitely be better” (in the picture you can see an old concept APX). And, therefore, it is easier. Exact figures did not call the manager, but earlier in the Network there was talk about 200-pound advantage over counterparts segment. That is, remembering the characteristics of the baby-Cayenne, we can talk about the order of 1600-1700 kg.
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The most glorious battle of Le Mans

This year was the 83rd race’s most famous endurance race for the planet, “the 24-Hours of Le Mans.” For those who do not know what it is: the Le Mans 13-kilometer ring of “Sarte” compete once 56 cars. The race starts at 15.00 on Saturday, continuing through the night and ends the next day – in the same 3 pm on Sunday.

It is a grueling test of mechanics and strength of will, which wants to win every automaker. The first prize winner of last year – the crew of Audi – 24 hours of the race was over 5165 kilometers.

The Le Mans several times occurred something like a duel. We scoured the archives until the early 30-ies and excavated the largest and most spectacular fights over the entire 90-year history of the race – Bentley against Alfa, Ferrari and Porsche against Ford against all the others. Sometimes it was just a competitive spirit, and sometimes – a personal vendetta.

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