Breathtaking cars and motorcycles in the Competition Elegance Villa d'Este 2015

Concorso d’Eleganza 2015: upcoming contest of classic cars and motorcycles on Lake Como is a unique combination of the traditions of the past and prospects for the future.

BMW Group Classic 11 times the co-organizer of the event, taking place in the luxury hotel Villa d’Este in Italy. Competition elegance Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este is one of the most exclusive and rich traditions of events in the world of classic cars and motorcycles. This year it will be held 22 – 24 May. The event, taking place in the northern Italian town of Cernobbio, first held in 1929 as an exhibition of the latest achievements of automotive industry. But since the 1980s, its main specialization was the history. In 1999 the BMW Group became a partner of the competition, and since 2005 a division BMW Group Classic and the Grand Hotel Villa d’Este became a co-organizer of the event.
“Style 70 – dzhetsettery return” – the motto of the contest, this era in varying degrees, will be dedicated to all the activities planned for the weekend. Guests will be able to see the cars of that time, he devoted a special exhibition on the territory of Villa d’Este, this topic will be held at an evening reception at the Villa Erba. In addition to the first superbike from the seventies, which include serial, Japanese and European models of curiosities at the sites of the Contest will be exhibited unusual version of the classic Mini of the 70s. In addition, a special exhibition devoted to the time, visitors can see the five unique vehicles belonging to the BMW Art Cars Collection. Guests of the event is also felt by the whole spirit of the rebellious’ 70s – an era that constituted the dawn of the modern era for the company BMW.
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