Supertest: BMW i8 vs Europe

The destination will be colder than minus seven Celsius. Our plan – to pass on the BMW i8 from the editors to the Swedish town Cullen. In Scandinavia, the ice we will have a buffet of machines prodigious program “below zero”. Obviously, this method requires extensive training, so I tucked the brim i8 and overnight put on charge. Kicking resembling winter Bridgestone Blizzak, I was convinced that the pressure is normal. I even drove the car wash, because it, too, reduces the flow.Continue reading

Orlando Bloom and BMW S1000R

The couple appeared on a video in youtube, and after the release came and BMW, which read: “Everyone knows that Orlando Bloom – a successful actor, but few people know that he is a passionate fan of motorcycles and old and devoted fan of two-wheeled technology BMW. In his collection there are a few classic models Bavarian brand and modern motorcycles, and for this custom project he specifically chose the roadster S1000R.Continue reading