Supertest: BMW i8 vs Europe

Supertest: BMW i8 vs Europe

The destination will be colder than minus seven Celsius. Our plan – to pass on the BMW i8 from the editors to the Swedish town Cullen. In Scandinavia, the ice we will have a buffet of machines prodigious program “below zero”. Obviously, this method requires extensive training, so I tucked the brim i8 and overnight put on charge. Kicking resembling winter Bridgestone Blizzak, I was convinced that the pressure is normal. I even drove the car wash, because it, too, reduces the flow.

The first test – the goal of our gear and jackets in a mid-2 + 2 with a tight carbon-fiber monocoque. The 154-liter boot is placed only bag Rowan and charging cable.

Photographic falls on a bunch-type rear-seat. Fortunately, it does not block the already worthless review. Although the ratio of height / length, like a B2 Stealth, i8 to 13 cm above the Lamborghini Huracan. Zapihnuv belongings, we omit the impossible cool “butterfly wings” and put forward.

Every day I walked past this i8 parking TG, admiring the soaring pillars and wheel arches, rises out of the body and drowning in it, but I’m going to first i8. And I have to say: I love. Sitting comfortably – low, legs extended, perfectly round wheel extends from the front of the right hands. Full comfort. To get the iDrive navigation route to Folkestone – momentary thing, to liaise for Bluetooth – nothing. After all, everything is familiar, beemveshnoe. In addition to the doors, of course. And dangerous species in the side mirrors. It’s not the absence of a review, each time just by looking at them, I see a wonderful reflection of the round and sticky.

Supertest: BMW i8 vs Europe

The Canary Wharf we get electricity, 12 kilometers to the battery. So, quite rightly, that in the i8 not have to pay tax for entry into the center. But the price of £ 100,000 (9.54 million rubles. In the Russian Federation) does not seem so fair, even with five thousand grant from the government. The official rate of the range – 37 km, but the temptation to accelerate from standstill to the permissible 45 km / h and the race in complete silence is impossible to resist. In London, the i8 at home. Traction on demand, small size and a good review in the mirror. Oh, again, these floating rack!

Sleet and rain closes up front, when we go to the south. But faced with the rain, we have to play with it to leapfrog Germany. On the highway on both sides of the Channel shining puddles, and I squeeze the wheel while waiting for hydroplaning, but nothing happens. Tires i8 half have normal, and even more so – mid-engined cars. Northern France flies by in a gray fog drizzle. The only sign that we moved to Belgium – the roar of the tires, so they pave the highway. A few minutes later the camera Rowan by clicking the gate, catching sign, “Welcome to the Netherlands,” and crashing subsides. Superobtekaemy supernatural kit eliminates wind noise. I slowly fall in love with this car. Five hours away – and no fatigue. I was afraid that with this triumph of technology can not do without the vagaries, but fears were not confirmed. A car with a carbon fiber monocoque just can not be so refined, neither resonance nor hard turn. It’s time to complicate the test ahead – border homeland i8.

If the swing lever of the box to the left of the stocky, turn on Sport, which, including charging the battery. All cruise at 190 km / h easily charge the batteries for a quiet trip to Hamburg. In HafenCity, we stop for a nice night shooting.
Where there is Bristol, Liverpool and London! Hamburg has perfected the strategy of restructuring port areas. On the banks of the Elbe River, where previously boiled industrial areas of Hamburg, still towering red brick warehouse, but now in their lofts and offices. i8 even fit here. When we slide on flights iron bridges, the silence broken only by the hum of electric motors. In such circumstances, i8, this example of the German temperament, looks ominous. ’72 Ago, not far from here 43 000 civilians were killed in the bombing of the Royal Air Force and the subsequent fires. But today, and the terrain, and the car seems so modern, so advanced …

Rowan intrudes on the night watch and heads north to the port village gremersdorf. At cruising speed body i8 dissects the damp air, and vortex funnel mist float away into the night. This wind tunnel (and McDonalds) will not let me sleep. By midnight, we showered in the quaint, in the style of Route 66 Motel, sheltered from the weather.

Supertest: BMW i8 vs Europe
Everyone’s attention was driving i8 guaranteed. And before you come in style from the stunning vertical doors, better prepared, and remember all the digits of technical characteristics. On the ferry crowd bombarded us with questions. And as he goes? This electric vehicle or a hybrid? Total € 125 000? And you can sit? Undoubtedly, i8-looking and faster and more expensive than it is. And it does not say that it is a comfortable car. Accept it, the woman on the Danish gas station offered to give up on his loaded 5-Series. A very generous offer …

On a Sunday afternoon we cross the sixth – and last over the weekend – the border and get to the six-kilometer Oresund bridge which connects Denmark and Sweden. In the center, between the 204-meter pylons, he abruptly bent, I can only see the sky and the asphalt. Neither land nor sea. Just perfect highway to heaven. When Rowan comes to shoot the bridge, frosty wind opens the door.

To be the last stage, Monday morning. We take out the clothes from the tiny but fancy hotel and the crunch of fresh snow. Extremely sophisticated hybrid system does not confuse even frost – i8 instantly wakes up.

Then something strange happens. At the entrance to Calle snow melts, retreating from the roadside and disappeared with pine branches. We accelerates, because now the bus ride on the asphalt. To our database at the sawmill is dusty brown slope. “The warmest winter in forty years, never seen” – laughs the owner Egon.

While Rowan examines a set of toys waiting for the ice show on the lake, I get out of almost pure i8, stunned by how effective aerodynamics struggling with dirt. What a terrific grand-tourer! When I last dive under the driver’s door, and press the “engine stop”, my gaze falls on fading display. We left as much as 2460 km, and on the street six degrees Celsius.