TEST DRIVE: first emotions of the new SKODA SUPERB

TEST DRIVE: first emotions of the new SKODA SUPERB

When meeting with the new flagship of the Czech brand need to start carefully examine all the possibilities of advanced electronic systems – from the adaptive cruise control to the adaptive variable suspension. And then – immediately forget about their existence!

At this time, Skoda decided to play on contrasts. The weather is just perfect – a natural climate control in the automatic mode, set the desired temperature and humidity: the sea the sun – but not a hint of heat. The plane seemed to deliberately wheeling past you Nezha in its lagoon of Venice – a view from a height of 10 kilometers, such that gives rise to a complex combination of emotion, awe and the desire to jump with a parachute. Then he should be landing in Tuscany, where the enjoyment of life is a system process: nature, fine arts, food, wine – and by the way, prohibitively scenic road on which any sports car delight fashioned antifreeze …

Bi-xenon headlights are switched on Superb themselves from the far to the Middle and back, as well as adjust the configuration of the light beam so as not to blind oncoming drivers.

Individual parts can be called appearance Superb controversial – but on the whole design of the car makes a very good impression. However, it must be admitted that the photographs in most cases Czech liftback looks more abruptly than live.

TEST DRIVE: first emotions of the new SKODA SUPERB

Outside Superb – it is chopped faces, sharp edges and broken lines.

Against the background of the masterpieces of modern architecture’s flagship model Skoda is not lost.

But the third-generation Superb, meet you at the exit from the airport, immediately sets the tone of the business. Its design with a good degree of corporatism – chopped faces, sharp edges, broken lines – suggestive of meeting rooms, business slang and sales results in the third quarter. Schedule explore the new flagship of the Czech brand also promises to be a resort: in the hands of the lists of auxiliary electronic systems 25 and 29 elements created within the concept of Simply Clever (like the famous scraper stored under a cover gas tank). Each item in the list should be allocated a time slot – so even a departure from the airport will have to fill the test meaning. Giving up his back, leaving the number of parked cars? Just check how the system works RTA – she should see a passing car, send a signal of its approach and to slow down to a stop if the driver turned out to be blind, deaf and dumb.

In Europe, when ordering Superb customer can choose one of eight engines – five gasoline and three diesel (power from 125 to 280 hp)

In the rearview mirror, you can see all that is required – but their small size and complex shape creates the illusion that something important may be outside the field of view. Not confident drivers may feel uncomfortable when maneuvering.

It seems that one of the winners from the appearance of the new Superb can safely burn fans BMW. They are in fact not feed bread – Give to nail those who think the ideal car brand Mercedes-Benz. So now let the owners of the S-Class sedans are proud to say that on the straight sections of road, even and smooth curves may in fact go on autopilot (this allows you to make a joint operation of the adaptive cruise control system and hold the machine in the band). They knocked the stuffing out now just saying, found something to brag about – technology that now has even “Skoda”! Speaking seriously, the very need to remember about the S-class (and not direct competitors Superb represented Toyota Camry and Ford Mondeo) revealing – she makes it clear how much the Czechs invested in a new generation of its flagship.

The fifth door can now be raised and lowered by means of the servo back.

TEST DRIVE: first emotions of the new SKODA SUPERB

To the fifth door opened on the button to press is not necessary – can now be similar to the “related” Volkswagen Passat just wave foot under the rear bumper.

However, once the reservation that the autopilot game – no more than self-indulgence, which no tangible benefits, no special pleasure. Firstly, the “pushing” of the line marking, then from another, Superb will go on strange trajectory. Secondly, if you abuse the services of the containment system in the band, it first raise the alarm and require back hands on the wheel – instead of finding the driver understanding, and did shut down. So, similar experiments may be downright dangerous. Therefore, we must not forget that to the design mode of operation Superb this “unmanned” riding does not, representing a little more than a side effect.

Front seats appear flat – due to widely spaced rollers, due to the characteristics of the filler and because of the fixed stop in the zone of lower blades.

The new climate control unit is much more convenient old – and looks much nicer.

However, in the course of exploring the Czech liftbek forget about the presence of intelligent electronics – not less important than the test it rabotospobnost and efficiency. If you get carried away by the intricacies of the system of automatic emergency braking system, or recognition of road signs, chances do not appreciate the skeleton on which naroslo all of the above e-mail ‘meat’. It should at some time to forget about all these buttons, radar and cameras to return to traditional values – the steering wheel and pedals. By which to assess how good analog, mechanical component Superb. In statics liftbek not without heaviness notes: size and impact, and detailed stories about the high-tech “Georgia” forced subconsciously assume that car hard. And how easy Superb on the go, and how quickly it responds vividly to work with gas, how accurately and confidently becomes a real surprise. Very quickly forget that beneath you “simple” car for everyday rough work – not the one purchase that dream since childhood, and the posters which hang over the bed. And through the winding lanes of Tuscany driving Superb you go with pleasure and passion – colorful comparison, highlighting the discrepancy machines selected for a test-drive roads, this time will not be necessary.

In Russia, the third-generation cars to appear in the autumn.

Readings easy to read and color information display – a real mine of information about the car and place it inside the processes.

TEST DRIVE: first emotions of the new SKODA SUPERB

The top multimedia system supports a wide range of voice commands.

However, for using Superb full drayverskogo buzz there is one important condition – smooth asphalt. Once on the road surface defects appear noticeable – in a symphony of driving positive start to slip false notes. In the pits and bumps liftbek off course not break and retains steering clear of shock and vibration, but the suspension feels stiff. And it is because of the design with advanced shock absorbers that are both adjustable (driver can make them softer or harder) and adaptive (within the limits set by the driver themselves adjust their work according to the quality of coverage). Alas, even among the softest and most stringent settings the difference is not so great to nervously quivering on the bumps Superb suddenly learned to “swallow” the bumps imperceptible to the driver. There is a third-generation Superb and other burrs. The body will have to get used to the peculiar profile of the front seats, and the brain – to wean succumb to provocations designers. In fact at the Superb has no problems with visibility – but mirrors, small in size and complex in form, create a false feeling of being somewhere to stay dead zones, deprived of the driver when maneuvering the share of confidence. However, the overall positive impression of these little machines do not spoil. Especially as more than offset noticeable advantages – spacious interior, decent multimedia system (it can be, even with the rear seats controlled by connecting your tablet using Wi-Fi and downloading a special application) and a huge trunk.

Superb – a car for all occasions, and not just a corporate vehicle to move between home and office. To prove it in practice, representatives of Skoda showed looks like liftbek with fixed roof luggage.

Rear passengers can hide from the sun rising over the shutters manually.

TEST DRIVE: first emotions of the new SKODA SUPERB

Two umbrella in a specially created niche for them in the front doors are included in the range of standard equipment of all vehicles without exception Superb.

The advantages and disadvantages of the new Superb, we will return very soon – as early as next week, when rassortiruem their impressions and formulate answers to the questions our readers. So – stay tuned!