Menu European caravanning: a report from the Caravan Salon

Menu European caravanning: a report from the Caravan Salon

The spring – Homes of all kinds and sizes will leave soon on the road. To navigate in this great diversity, to understand which trends distinguish the current season, the team will talk about the portal largest exhibition for caravanning – Caravan Salon, held last fall in Dusseldorf.

First of all, it should be noted that the activity in this area, downgraded last season, stirred up with a bang, as evidenced by the number of visitors and sales in all segments, exceeded the expectations of even the organizers themselves. 192000 people and 28200 cars on their own camping fair – a record figure for the lifetime of the Caravan Salon, and more interested Caravanners comes from afar – from Asian countries, and even from Australia.Most of the buying activity observed as suppliers of accessories and accessories for motor homes – the company Dometic, Al-Ko, Truma, Reimo. Especially a lot of young families today are interested in upgrading their mobile homes.

Every whim for your money!
One of the main recent trends – consumers are clearly articulates their needs, and the producers were willing to meet him, providing comprehensive and expert advice, making out of an existing model under a number of individual requests and sometimes creating new ones, taking into account the wishes of customers.

Thus, the firm Hymer, year surprises with its innovations, introduced this season Duo Mobil, designed by Heidi and Lothar Shleynkofer, caravaners with years of experience. Back in 2009, this pair has developed the concept of a caravan that would be ideal for the independent travel of two people. Drawing on ideas and practical knowledge Shleynkoferov and a wealth of experience in the development and production of motor homes, the European market leader issued the first Hymer Duo Mobil, which just waiting for success. Practical and convenient location of the kitchen, guest area, bathroom, garage bay for bicycles and, surprisingly, a single bed – the most frequent requests from couples.

All these factors were taken into account when creating Hymer Duo Mobil – along with an extensive package of safety and enhanced protection of the bottom damage. It should also be noted the double glazing and trim plus the installation of thermal insulation in all compartments, which provide an optimal indoor climate regardless of the weather and seasonal remove restrictions on the use. All this is really closer to the ideal of a new motorhome many couples.

And the company Eura Mobil continues on the path of exclusive editions: last year’s model in the style of a Swiss chalet replaced camper design haute couture. Now living in luxury travel can be carried out in an elegant motorhome Christian Fischbacher Edition. On the basis of Integra Line 720 QB manufacturers have created a true luxury area, with high-quality fabrics and other exclusive material from the textile studio of the famous Swiss designer Christian Fischbacher. Bright curtains, precious cushions, curtain in the bathroom made from natural fibers, fabric wall decoration, handmade individual elements – such an unusual interpretation of the style autotravel was conceived as a kind of study public reaction.

Who more who less
The manufacturer of residential trailers, combining the brand Knaus and Tabbert, too, listened to the wishes of consumers – and fans of expansion and those who are inclined to be more compact while maintaining the convenience.

Second definitely interested Knaus Travelino – stylish compact trailer from superlight materials to maintain a basis weight of less than 650 kg. At the same time the original organization of interior space makes it more comfortable than other trailers in the same category here at your disposal sinking shelves, retractable outside kitchen, two-way access to the refrigerator, portable stove. The optimal trade-off – a bathroom that folds and unfolds as necessary: it has a fold-out multistenovaya panel and sliding convenience.

Tabbert Cellini Slide Out, by contrast, offers additional comfort and space. This is a luxury trailer upper price range, with a base rate of five to seven meters, with an expansion in the parking lot and kitchen sleeping compartment by innovative slide system. Alone it costs for dealers Tabbert at the exhibition was about 6,000 euros.

Menu European caravanning: a report from the Caravan Salon

All the sisters on earrings
Today, virtually every traveler, regardless of age and taste preferences, can find themselves exactly the motorhome that will fit his ideas about quality, style and comfort. Rock clubbers ideal Hobby Caravan Premium 560 WOA – specially created for the Wacken Foundation model in black and white. The property is equipped with a comfortable couch, a huge flat-screen TV and a powerful sound system. There are also LED-illumination, illuminated electric strings, Playstation, air-conditioning and on-board pump for draft beer. With all the additional equipment WOA model costs about 30,000 euros, and the proceeds from its sale are aimed at supporting young the metal and hard rock bands. A retro supporters may have inspired a replica of the iconic Airstream caravan or trailer-tiny drop, too reminiscent of the violent youth caravanning.

Huge selection have been fans of extreme trails – from mini-pritsepchikov off road to multi-ton monsters on chassis MAN, Iveco and Scania. Additional protection in case of possible collisions and accidents will provide rigid body motorhomes from the company Silverdream, Kevlar-reinforced. But the availability of funds you can afford a palace on wheels, in a few rooms, decorated with natural wood, with garage bay, enclosing a small little car, and even a real sports car – such as a model company Volkner worth a million euros.
For all the variety of tastes from Caravanners remains unchanged the main thing – a passion for travel and freedom.So, caravanning will be developed, giving new opportunities in the development of the world.

The novelty of last season – trailer amphibious Sealander this time can not be observed in the framework of the stand, and in the home straight of water. And it offers this stylish yacht, caravan already in two colors – black and white.

Company Skydancer, a specialist in the development of an alternative design for motorhomes, introduced the concept of 7,5-ton prototype embodies the idea of traveling with a panorama 360. The deliberate simplicity of the interior and finishing of natural wood emphasize the link with the best tourist tradition.

Freerider Slovak company Procamp, despite the ease and miniature size, ensures you a real sense of freedom in movements. This Super caravan SUV for which even the most difficult terrain is not a problem.

Menu European caravanning: a report from the Caravan Salon

Heavy-duty Kevlar material widely used in the production of bullet-proof means of personal protection. And the Italian company Silverdream with it made much less vulnerable their new motorhome.

German company introduced another mobile Volkner Palace with the modest name Compact. And without that rather big interior space is expanding the parking lot through a system of slide-out, and on a sliding platform garage bay nestled sports Porsshe.

Motorhomes on truck chassis will allow you do not embarrass yourself or space, or in interior trim materials, no freedom of movement – you can always take on board a small car for local trips while he liner is laid up.

Menu European caravanning: a report from the Caravan Salon

Christian Fischbacher Edition by Eura Mobil – a unique opportunity to experience what travel in the style of haut couture. High quality materials, refinement and exclusivity to satisfy the most demanding customers.

“Made for Two” – the motto of the new DuoMobil from Hymer, designed specifically for the most comfortable traveling couples.

Lightweight Knaus Travelino – incarnation soveremennyy green technologies and trends caravanning, by lightweight materials and ensures low fuel consumption when driving.