In Spain, there was a presentation of the new generation Jaguar XE

In Spain, there was a presentation of the new generation Jaguar XE

October 2, 2014 at the Paris Motor Show for the first time presented the new Jaguar XE, the new middle-class sedan is powered by Jaguar Land Rover. Seven months later, in Spain, the first tests of the new car to journalists in the city and on the highway and on the racetrack. This is the moment we’ve been waiting with great impatience, as each new Jaguar recently brings joy and pleasure, and the company has in fact a very serious player in the automotive market. Let’s try to briefly understand what this is a sports sedan of the middle class, going to compete with the big German three.

Technology. Body and engines

Engineers and technologists Jaguar XE is called one of the most technologically advanced cars of today. Not Surprising. The development of the car lasted five years. Main feature Jaguar Land Rover – aluminum, they are really proud and did not do it in vain: Jaguar XE body is made of aluminum by 75% and weighs a total unpainted 251 kg. Made of steel frame and stand. Another point of pride of the company – new engines. For the line midsize sedans company offers five of its own production of engines: two diesel 2.0-liter Ā«IngeniusĀ» capacity of 163 and 180 hp and three petrol. Two of them – four-volume and two-liter turbocharged 200 and 240 hp and third – V6 three-liter capacity of 340 hp In this performance four-cylinder engine can compete with the standard V6, and the weight of the petrol unit is only 138 kg.

Russia plans to supply all petrol versions and a more powerful diesel. Incidentally, with regard to the diesel engine, there is another very pleasant time: mileage between maintenance for it is a record 34,000 km.


The new six-speed manual is offered only for diesel. On the other hand, there is also bad news: while in Russia they will not be delivered. The basic transmission model is the eight-speed automatic with the ability to manage change gear paddles. This is a new mission, which has been used on other models, but Jaguar XE demanded its special adaptation, as in size smaller than their “big brothers”.

In Spain, there was a presentation of the new generation Jaguar XE

The suspension and aerodynamics

HE got a new front suspension, which in the future will allow the installation on the car all-wheel drive, and a new rear suspension Integral Link. The majority of the elements produced by the new technology of hollow casting, which also reduces the overall weight of the vehicle. In addition – lightweight shock absorbers and springs, all of which combine to make the car so controlled that it is hard to believe.

Pro suspension can say a lot of good, especially after the test on the racetrack in Navarra: the desire of the driver to slow down on the track at the end of a 800-meter line on the root booster suppressed instructor. However, the speed of 180 km / h in a smooth rotation is not felt, in principle, so well rehearsed suspension, braking and intense assumed only in the next, quite a sharp turn. However, when the speedometer overcomes division of 160 km / h, the car gets a sense of a little less controlled, and the steering wheel slightly loses descriptiveness.

Brakes and steering

The car uses a sliding caliper and increased brake discs on both axles. Options XE – S (340 hp) is equipped with upgraded brakes with red calipers. But if urban and suburban test drive brake top version is more than enough, at the race track, even well ventilated discs overheat. Even innovative system further cooling coming through special pipes disposed on the suspension is not sufficient.

But a great alternative to insufficient effective brakes on the track or in the intensive management system was the Torque Vectoring by Braking. It is certainly not stop the car, but it would help “right” into a turn, because sends additional brake force to the inside wheel and optimizes trajectory.

In Spain, there was a presentation of the new generation Jaguar XE

The system works pretty quickly, but the result of its actions over a pleasant: the car actually holds the perfect trajectory, even in those situations when it seems that he did just about to lose.

Separately want to say about the new electric power steering system EPAS, which responds not only to the individual characteristics of the control, but also for high-speed, road and weather conditions. Perhaps the main compliment here may be that you do not pay attention to the steering system: everything exactly the way that we would like. Nothing more, no flaws. Combined with the suspension steering allows not normally think about their own actions, and in extreme “catch” a car without any problems. It is convenient to the steering wheel itself, enough volume to make it comfortable to hold, with more than enough adjustments for height and reach.

Another know-how – a system of All Surface Progress Control. To test it, we could not due to lack of the necessary conditions, but it is necessary to mention about. This electronic system to ensure sufficient traction with complex conditions – such as snow or sand or wet grass. It is a good thing for the rear-wheel drive cars in the conditions of the Russian winter.