MCLAREN build the “most evil” hybrid supercar P1

MCLAREN build the "most evil" hybrid supercar P1

However, strictly speaking, “anger” super hybrid¬†¬†manifested only in its appearance. A special unit of the company that is responsible for the maximum individualization supercar McLaren, showed hypercar in a unique livery.
It is argued that the new image hypercar stylized “livery” formula-car companies – supposedly it was a request of the owner of that particular McLaren P1, for which the performance designers and developed a new color scheme hypercar. Black and red was not only the body P1, and wheels. Furthermore, in similar colors and decorated interior.

Technical filling hypercar has not undergone any changes. He, like the rest of the 374 P1, is equipped with 916-strong hybrid power plant, which is the basis for the traditional McLaren 3,8-liter turbo engine. Up to 100 km / h McLaren P1 is accelerated for 2.5 seconds.

The total circulation of the P1 supercar was only 375 copies, and all of them already have owners. Earlier it was reported that about 75% of the McLaren P1 received a certain refinement of the MSO units at the request of their owners, and in most cases McLaren designers were forced to develop an individual project.