In Japan, began selling the versatile Honda Shuttle

In Japan, began selling the versatile Honda Shuttle

Honda has started selling a new compact wagon Shuttle. Note that the previous version of the model was called the Fit Shuttle, Shuttle and a separate name manufacturer previously applied to the European version of the minivan Honda Odyssey.

Order wagon can be both front and all-wheel drive. Dimensions of the machine: 4400 mm long, 1695 mm wide and 1545 mm in height.

Power plants have a choice of two Space Shuttle: 132 hp engine i-VTEC, paired with a CVT or a 137-horsepower hybrid complex i-DCD. Last includes polutoralitrovye 110-horsepower internal combustion engine that runs on the Atkinson cycle, an electric motor integrated into the seven-speed robotized transmission, and lithium-ion batteries.

Consumption to the manufacturer Shuttle hybrid front-wheel drive is 2.9 liters of fuel per 100 kilometers. Monoprivodnom wagon version of the traditional internal combustion engine is spending to overcome the same distance of 4.58 liters of gasoline.


The boot capacity is 570 liters wagon in a hybrid version and 606 liters – at monoprivodnom performance with a traditional internal combustion engine. If the rear seat folded, the figure will rise to 1141 liters. Characteristic features of the car trunk are a flat floor, a large doorway, and hidden in a floor compartment and two additional folding baskets behind the rear seat row.

The cost of the basic version with Shuttle monoprivodom and 1.5-liter internal combustion engine starts with a mark of 1.68 million yen, and the performance of all-wheel drive starts at 1,884,000 yen. The hybrid version can be purchased for as low as 1.99 million yen for the front-wheel drive, and from 2,184,400 yen – for four-wheel drive.