Intelligent helmet IC-R: the most ambitious project [Video]

Smart Hemlet IC-R – the most high-tech ambitious project of all that you’ve seen so far.

The two rear video camera, two transparent LCD Head-up display, a built-in GPS, Bluetooth, LiDAR to avoid collision, glass e-toning, and in the end – a solar panel to charge the battery. All this for 1,600 US dollars.

Thanks to the back camera with an angle of view of 210 degrees, the rider gets a 360-degree view without “blind
zones “that require rotation of the head.

Clear LCD displays operate alternately as a rear-view mirror, as well as to display various data, such as navigation, speed, redundancy smartphone and many other things that people can invent, because the developers are going to release a helmet with open source, so it could be used as please. Thanks to GPS helmet provides accurate speed, of course, if you do not go in the tunnel.

Bluetooth can be used to communicate with other drivers, as well as to connect a mobile phone for calls, audio and video streaming. The helmet will also be able to recognize voice commands.

Tint glass filled with crystals of the LCD varies with the touch of a button, but if the power is absent, by default it becomes completely transparent.

Built-in sensors LiDAR system is toward the back traffic to biker prevent rear-end collision. For example, at a traffic light. According to the developers, they are designed for night time, when the “image” of the cameras is not easy to see.

The solar panel built into the top of the helmet will help during the day to recharge the battery. However, judging by the size and number of features of the helmet, it is unlikely to be able to provide sufficient energy. But let’s hope that developers are aware of this themselves.

In fact, it is only a prototype, and the supply of the finished helmet promise by December this year. Previously it will sell at the price of 1499 US dollars – this is without a solar panel, a second chamber and a second display, and without laser collision warning system. But if you book early and pay, you will save up to 1,399 dollars. However, the mass market is expected to be released no earlier than the helmet 2017.