Honda refuses to release a hybrid and gas Civic

Honda refuses to release a hybrid and gas Civic

The company will cease production model Honda Civic CNG, power unit which is adapted for use with natural gas, according to the publication Automotive News, citing Vice President of Honda in the United States John Mendel. Top manager held a press conference during which they announced some plans for the future.

Now the company plans to focus more on electric car as a hybrid (including rechargeable) and electric cars with vodorodomobilyami. Currently, the company is developing several similar cars of the new generation.

The Japanese manufacturer has promoted gas modifying their cars on the market since 1998, but such machines are used limited demand due to lack of necessary infrastructure. Total Honda sold about 16 thousand. Gas versions of its cars in the United States, and most of them fell on the share of corporate customers and taxi companies.

Honda refuses to release a hybrid and gas Civic

In addition, the companies plan to abandon the hybrid version of the Civic, because the next generation of this model will be compared with the current level of hybrid fuel consumption. For example, serial Civic Hybrid spends about five liters of gasoline per 100 kilometers on the highway and the new Civic with a turbo engine will consume less than 5.88 liters in the same mode.

Note that Honda representatives actively emphasizes that the new Civic is created with an eye on the former model generation, known for their sporty image. The emergence of new products are expected this autumn.

Among other things, a top manager said that the new Honda Ridgeline pickup will receive more than usual for this class of car design, he has stood out as the face of the precursor mixed. “We do not want someone (of our customers – approx. had to explain why they chose such a machine itself,” – said Mendel.

Executive Vice President of Honda also asked about the patent images sports car that has recently hit the Internet. He said he could give an answer to the question journalists, but in this case it is likely to be fired. According to foreign media reports, the published images are secret until a successor model Honda S2000.