Honda plans to create two more mid-engined sports car

Honda plans to create two more mid-engined sports car

Honda is developing two mid-engined sports car that will stand in the lineup between the subcompact S660 and the flagship sports model Acura / Honda NSX. It is reported portal, applying as arguments illustrate novelties presented in a Japanese magazine.

The youngest of the new mid-engined sports car will be the S1000. It will be built on the S660 is equipped with a one-liter turbo engine and a power of about 130 hp The same Honda engines can attach motor to create a hybrid of the total capacity of 220 hp Overall Honda S1000 (at prices of about $ 30 000) is planned to be the competitor for the Toyota GT86, Mazda MX-5 and the future Fiat 124 Spider.

Senior Sport model can get the name of the S2000 and, judging by the picture, will remind reduced in size Acura NSX. Expected and hybrid propulsion system with a turbo engine (to drive the rear wheels) and two electric motors on the front axle. Possible powertrains – derated liter from the new Civic Type R or 1.5-liter (paired with a seven-step “robot” dual-clutch). Due to the last of the engines will be able to develop a hybrid power over 300 hp

Honda plans to create two more mid-engined sports car

Reborn sports car Honda S2000 can compete not only for a mid Porsche Boxster and Cayman, but also for the Audi TT, BMW Z4, Mercedes-Benz SLK and Nissan 370Z. The expected price of a sports car – from 55 000 to 75 000 dollars. However, the ability to run Honda S2000 in production will depend on the financial results of the company, including in key markets – the US and China.

Break in technology for new mid-engined sports cars (especially for S2000) Honda plans on the prototype of a new generation coupe CR-Z, who will participate in the June race Pikes Peak. Racing car equipped with four independently operating motors, modified technology wheel drive SH-AWD system and new rear wheel steer.

Recall, the production version of Acura NSX should go on sale later this year.

If Honda is successfully implementing its plans, it will be the first automaker in the world, having a line of mid-engine sports car just three.