In the US, there was the first emergency involving two drones

In the US, there was the first emergency involving two drones

In California, there was the first emergency involving two unmanned vehicles. According to Reuters, one of the cars owned by Delphi Automotive, and the second is owned by a corporation Google. Crossover Audi Q5 with appropriate software, scanners and sensors on the highway driving. At some point in his band dramatically wedged Lexus RX400h, owned by Google. Contact between the cars did not happen – Audi Q5 without the help of the driver react to changing situations and to change lanes.

According to John Ebsmayera, who heads the Delphi, when the collision seemed inevitable, he was in the passenger seat UAV. The Google declined to comment on the incident.

Earlier edition of The Guardian reported that Google unmanned vehicles over 6 years of road testing 11 times become parties to the accident. The company noted that all the accidents were minor and the culprits were people.

¬ęDuring the six years that we are machines, there were just 11 minor accidents. This unmanned vehicles passed in 2009 about 2.7 million kilometers “, – stated in the report of one of the leaders of the test program Urmsona Chris.

In May, Google announced that the first 100 unmanned vehicles will be built in 2015 . Mass production model will be established within 5 years.

Delphi Automotive has been developing automotive electronics. In California, the company is experiencing two cars with independent control. Both vehicles are based on the Audi Q5. About the serial production of speech does not go.