Test Drive: Ferrari California T

Test Drive: Ferrari California T

The self-proclaimed guardians of the soul attacked Ferrari for the company when it introduced five years ago, California. According to them, with respect to practical convertible – not the profile of Ferrari. While some great machinery (such as 330 GTS and the 250 GT California) exactly as they were. And anyway, California became a bestseller. And now, another storm has risen due to the new California T with turbo. Once again, someone yells that of Ferrari, we do not need this – thank you very much. Although some of the great Ferrari past (like the 288 GTO and F40) exactly as they were.

Come on, it’s not just any diesel crossover! But the decision to put the turbine always carries a risk, and engineers recognize this. These engines are deprived of lightning response primitive roar and dizzying turns, so please us in the current generation of engines Ferrari.

So why the Italians at risk? The whole point is fuel consumption. Contrary to myth, Ferrari could not hide their high consumption, hiding behind the numbers Fiat. On the other hand, in contrast to large companies, they are not bound to normal 90 g / km. Ferrari with McLaren, Aston Martin and other receives a benefit as a low-volume manufacturer, but only as long as the desire to demonstrate and further reduce exhaust gas emissions. California T throws not 299 g / km as the old V8, and 250. Ferrari says that the real consumption will fall to the same extent.

KERS Hybrid system as LaFerrari – one of the ways to reduce it. In fact, it is even more efficient turbines, says Ferrari boss Amedeo Feliz. But this system is expensive, complicated and difficult. It was not clear how it is expensive and complex, yet it did not. Feliz’s expression is clear that they dare to such a long time again. On the other hand, all have long known how to construct the turbo, and since such a motor can be made smaller, the weight is not added, California.

But add the turbine so as to obtain similar to modern engines Ferrari, it is not so simple. A couple of years went out to scratch my head, and four – to develop. The result was this one 3,855-liter V8 rated at 560 horsepower, which is enough for it to punish cocky SL63 AMG. By the way, this engine has nothing to do with the Maserati Quattroporte. Why 3,855? Feliz said that in some countries the engines of 4 liters and above are subject to huge taxes. But this up to four liters of still far! Feliz smiles and says that soon they will make the engine more.

Test Drive: Ferrari California T

Extremely compact drive fits completely behind the front axle, and a turbine placed at the bottom of the outer sides of the blocks. Techniques to combat standard: small turbine with two snails, evenly distributes the exhaust gases. In addition, to reduce emissions and help turboyamu himself engine with direct injection and variable valve timing.

To the car sounded right, there are two incredibly difficult (read “expensive”) exhaust pipe, resembling snakes. All pipes of the same length, so the exhaust sound melodious.

In seventh gear engine develops 755 Nm in the range 2500-5500 rev / min. But on the first, second and third torque at low rpm is limited to 556 Nm, and rises to a peak at six thousand, as in the atmospheric engine. The curves for the fourth, fifth and sixth, more reminiscent of the seventh. In some vehicles, it is done to the propeller shaft is not curled up in a spiral. But engineers say that everything is wrong.

At first it seemed a pretty silly idea to limit the dynamics of the motor with the Prancing stallion.They would have the dignity of Michelangelo David file.

But it makes sense. On the upper gears California rushes forward to the moment a huge wave from the bottom. Turboyamu above 2500 revolutions have hardly noticeable. This attraction is good for GT on the highway, but that is why the dynamics of the car with a turbocharged not exciting. Motor always pulls the bottom, so no need to keep the gear and gain momentum. Here it’s different. In low gear acceleration is becoming more powerful, to the extent that the arrow on the big yellow tachometer dial creeping up. It makes sense to keep the gas to the floor and switch to a lower, to get the maximum effect. And it’s easier to predict how much power goes to the wheels: tires can disrupt only if you are prepared, including the correct transmission and podgadat momentum.

In other words, it’s really exciting motor. And if it is correct to calculate turnover, brutally fast.Ferrari says the time to disperse hundreds of 3.6 seconds, and to 200 km / h – with 11.2. It seems to be true and very briskly.

Is it worth it to touch the red zone at 7500 rev / min, you will hear a very groovy sound. Do not roar like a 458, no, but this is a completely different car. It is quieter and rattles are not so evil.Frankly, I would prefer the orchestra at high speed, like a V12 in the DB9, but I like a compromise that offers turbo on a quiet course. It sounds juicy, but not deliberately false, as the majority of current sports cars by pressing the Sport.

California adding capacity, Ferrari worked on the chassis: stiffer springs made to improve the manageability, put low-friction dampers and a large range of adjustments to make the course more enjoyable. Awesome car holds the road: I struggled to rip back when we did the photo, even though I practiced over and over again in the same hairpin. The rest of the time I never even thought possible. And besides, the traction control mode Sport customizable and incredibly effective.

Cornering is very assembled machine, even on a bumpy road. Each arc has confirmed that the weight for the big GT hardtop is not so great, and the rigidity of the body due to the aluminum structure is impressive. But clearly that engineers accelerate the reaction of the rack. It would be better if they did not touch: the wheel too narrow and the feedback is missing. I’ve found that too often pass turns small segments like outline the polygon. Such a nervous character is not convertible for every day.

However, the course is close to ideal. Although great tuned chassis, how great suspension absorbs and big waves and small wrinkles – a pleasant surprise.

Therefore, as a sports car Cali gorgeous – both in appearance and in fact. But behind the wheel of the Ferrari I feel as if gloved hands, and ear plugs in his ears. Normally, Ferrari has senses, and it felt more distant, though more involved in the process than the SL. Marketers from Maranello will say without a doubt that this muted for the car every day – the most it. But FF, too, “every day”, but, nevertheless, we have a variety of pleasing sensations.

After a trip Feliz asked my opinion, and I announced it to him. He replied that the FF is supposed to be more athletic. It is also more expensive. He added that FF will not result in a Ferrari as many new customers as they want, and California – completely.

Test Drive: Ferrari California T

Fresh design new customers just love it. All body panels except the roof, new. A sad expression muzzle old car replaced the beautiful shape of the nose. I, at least, like. Our photographer Rowan swore and said that it was impossible to shoot on the move, because the hood – a terrible jumble of angles. But hardly anyone will evaluate appearance California, looking at it from the trunk of the car in front. Old, too high feed gained wider and smooth silhouette snuggle close to the road. The diffuser below the bumper is not frivolous summer cruiser, but recalls that it can accelerate to 315 km / h. Aero is very important here.

Inside, finally, a new multimedia. When we tested the car still had bugs, but, according to engineers, it was a beta version. Coming soon and Apple CarPlay. Armchairs and tidy too new, look great, work well, and the skin smells. In some places, the plastic looks cheap, and I suspect that this ploy will force you to choose carbon inserts 425 000 rubles. Wind screen is not required, even at a decent speed. You can go, down the roof and lifting all the windows. Trunk with the folded roof and it is not so small, but it can be increased further by folding the rear seat backs. In addition, the threshold is low, so it is more convenient than other convertibles with a retractable roof. We usually do not argue about the trunk Ferrari, but Ferrari is in fact for people who usually do not buy the Ferrari.