Test drive Cadillac ATS-V. Good reasons to choose the "American"

If you are enthusiastic about the fast sedans and coupes, you probably know that for a long time, the palm in this competition full segment belonged to the Germans. For years, the triumvirate Audi RS / BMW M / Mercedes-AMG reigns among the powerful premium cars. But in 2004, when the market appeared the first series Cadillac V, there was something funny. Since the CTS-V was very powerful, the German tuning studio stopped being perceived as the Cadillac car for pensioners and seriously thought about another imminent threat, in this case – the inevitable appearance of at least a strong kid Cadillac ATS.

Standard ATS could not compete with the German cars triad (GM plant in Michigan even suspended its work in 2014 for three weeks because of the overflow of warehouses of finished products), but updated and richly flavored Cadillac ATS-V can more adequately oppose the Teutons .
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Test Drive: Audi Q3 TFSI Ultra

Think front-wheel drive and 1.4 gasoline – too lean for premium cross? And if a small cross? Still sad as breakfast ballerina? Well, I thought so, too, when he took a test about basic version of Q3.
Type leaf lettuce can not eat. And anyway, who in Russia needs most modest version of a premium wheelbarrows? Is that miserable self-Maid girl who did not even give the correct machines. All salaries are fed bankers for a car loan, while they themselves eat oatmeal … but I do not suffer brendofiliey. I was on the bare glamor can not take, I thought, sticking stirrer first gear.Continue reading

Supertest: BMW i8 vs Europe

The destination will be colder than minus seven Celsius. Our plan – to pass on the BMW i8 from the editors to the Swedish town Cullen. In Scandinavia, the ice we will have a buffet of machines prodigious program “below zero”. Obviously, this method requires extensive training, so I tucked the brim i8 and overnight put on charge. Kicking resembling winter Bridgestone Blizzak, I was convinced that the pressure is normal. I even drove the car wash, because it, too, reduces the flow.Continue reading

Test Drive: Ferrari California T

The self-proclaimed guardians of the soul attacked Ferrari for the company when it introduced five years ago, California. According to them, with respect to practical convertible – not the profile of Ferrari. While some great machinery (such as 330 GTS and the 250 GT California) exactly as they were. And anyway, California became a bestseller. And now, another storm has risen due to the new California T with turbo. Once again, someone yells that of Ferrari, we do not need this – thank you very much. Although some of the great Ferrari past (like the 288 GTO and F40) exactly as they were.Continue reading

Hatchback Business Class. It does not sound. But the Czechs seem to care. Superb – not one of those machines that are called global and carefully match the expectations of a wide audience. Representatives of Skoda even stopped to fight with constant nods to kindred Volkswagen Passat. Yes, they say, Volkswagen – is everything to us, and we are pleased to work with the best. Or are you waiting for someone from a purely patriotic reasons rush to do their own car? No, the modern auto industry long ago no longer works.Continue reading

Seven crossover crash test passed with 25 percent barrier. The best results - at the Nissan Murano

The American Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) has published the results of a new series of tests with the impact of the barrier of 25% of the front of the car. This time the test was attended by seven crossovers and SUV: Nissan Murano, Ford Flex, Jeep Wrangler, Hyundai Santa Fe, Jeep Cherokee, Dodge Durango and Dodge Journey.

Test with a 25 percent overlap simulates a collision with another vehicle traveling in the opposite lane, tree or mast lighting. The test is performed at a speed of 65 km / h.

According to the results of tests the best result recorded at the Nissan Murano (“good”). Taking into account the results of other tests IIHS, in particular, checks on the strength of the roof, the car has received the highest rating in the classification of the organization – Top Safety Pick Plus.
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