BMW preparing for the premiere of the next “MEMORABLE” CONCEPT

BMW preparing for the premiere of the next "MEMORABLE" CONCEPT

The new concept car BMW will once again be devoted to one of the cult models of the last century. At this time the Bavarians decided to honor the memory of a coupe BMW 3,0 CSL, produces about half a century ago. However, the way in which this is done, the manufacturer has only hinted.

The only information about the concept, which is divided into a BMW, is only its image (nothing, by and large, does not speak), and the name – BMW 3,0 CSL Hommage. In addition, the known and the date of the debut: “memorable” concept show May 22 at the design exhibition at the Villa d’Este.

According to preliminary data, the design concept will be widely used ultra-light materials, and its design must be distinctly sporty and serve as outspoken hint of classical stylistic decisions. For more information, BMW, obviously circulate closer to the date of the premiere of the concept.

The very same coupe BMW 3,0 CSL, introduced in 1972, became the first full-fledged project units BMW Motorsport GmbH, is now known as BMW M. In addition to the track version, the Bavarians and released civilian modification of the coupe for public roads, as required by the rules of homologation . It featured the most lightweight body – weight reduction was achieved by using aluminum in car design and deprivation of the traditional options. Later lightweight CSL version got a few sports cars BMW.